Divina GranSparkle
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Divina GranSparkle is the human tornado of burlesque.


K James
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K.James is a transmasculine identified drag king who has been performing in NYC with Switch n' Play since early 2008. Known for his suave stage presence and impeccable lip sync, he draws on iconic masculine images, re-interpreting them through a queer lens in order to create playful performances that push the boundaries of gender and sexuality.

Drag King of the Year at the Brooklyn Nightlife Awards in 2016 and the winner of Cycle 4 and the ALL-STARS Cycle of Merrie Cherry's DRAGnet, K.James has also been featured in the Huffington Post's Queer New World series on drag culture in Brooklyn by James Nichols, Vice Broadly, Posture Magazine, and Velour Magazine. He was voted a top 5 favorite drag king by Go Magazine readers in 2016.


Miss Malice
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Miss Malice is a queer femme performance persona and femmecee who has been working with Switch n' Play as a host and producer since 2011. She has been featured for her work in Posture Magazine, Velour Magazine, and Next Magazine, and has been described by an audience member as "Kristen Wiig meets the B52s." She enjoys intersectional feminism, misandry, and whiskey.


Nyx Nocturne
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Nyx Nocturne is a Drag/Burlesque queerdo and tattoo apprentice dedicated to the human body as a medium.


Pearl Harbor
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Poet. Performer. Pubic Intellectual.


Vigor Mortis
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Vigor Mortis is the lovable Creep from Kings County. He has been a member of Switch n' Play since 2015, and could not be prouder.

He works in nightlife full time as the assistant to the incredible Sasha Velour, who is undoubtedly the Drag King Ambassador of Queens, and encourages him to perform whenever she can, for which he is eternally grateful.

He's known for his slightly supernatural guises, bad taste in 90's music, versatility, and fondness for onion dip.


Zoe Ziegfeld
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Zoe Ziegfeld is a burlesque dancer, circus and sideshow performer, and general nightlife mischief-maker. She has been performing professionally since 2008, and started working with Switch n' Play in 2014. She holds a bachelor's degree in performance art, and she can be found on stages throughout NYC and beyond.

Zoe is also the co-producer of a monthly spectacle called the Fuck You Revue at Bizarre Bushwick, and she is especially interested in curating events that empower marginalized populations and challenge the status quo. Zoe has been in the Village Voice, Time Out New York, and Bedford + Bowery, and she has been featured in Nylon Magazine and The New York Times as a core cast member of the Coney Island Circus Sideshow, where she's known for charming snakes and humans alike as the resident Snake Enchantress.


Founders of Switch N' Play

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